The order of registration for seminars by Tommy Carruthers!

Dear friends!

The order of registration for the JKD-seminars by Tommy Carruthers!

Anyone wishing to attend the seminar:

  1. Sends his bid for a visit through our form of recording on session, fill in all fields, with obligatory note in the field "Сообщение" - "Seminars by Carruthers."
    In this field indicates:
    • The surname, name and patronymic (or a list - Name - a group of people who plan to visit).
    • Which seminars are planning to visit.
    • Their city.
  2. Get on your e-mail address the information  to make organizational fees.
  3. Makes his organizational contribution  as him  convenient,   by specifying from whom made contributions - his full name or name of the organizer of the group.
  4. Reply to the letter from the School of Martial Arts with the details - sending printskrin (scan, photo) payment document with the bank marked "Paid". 
  5. Watch the appearance of your name (names) in the list of registered of the School of Martial Arts in the pages of VKontakte and on Facebook.