"The person may act freely only if he is outside the system. The person, who really wants to discover truth, he has no style"

Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do

About Single Combat School

Single combat school is one of few Moscow centers for Martial Arts Studies with Jeet Kune Do technique. Jeet Kune Do is a philosophy, principle and technique for the study of any type of single combat. That is why visiting of our school will be interesting not only for the novices, who just begin to study single combat, but also for the advanced sportsmen. Jeet Kune Do is based on the techniques of kung fu, ju-jutsu, Philippine, Thai and English boxing. However, they were radically modified by  Jeet Kune Do’s founder Bruce Lee. So, classical solid stances were set aside, and the use of clinches and blocks was simplified.

The peculiarity of our school is an individual attention of the trainer to all students, even during group classes. B.A. Kartabayev trains both the sportsmen and those who study  Martial Arts. He is an expert in single combat, and the President of Koshiki Karate Federation in Kirghizia (2000), an expert of 5Dan Koshiki Karate, who raised a lot of champions in Russia and Asia during his work as a trainer (since с 1984).

We keep in touch with one of respected contemporary teachers, who uses Jeet Kune Do technique, Tommy Carruthers.

Our single combat school is located in Central Administrative District of Moscow within walking distance of Savelovskaya metro station. The training is conducted in a roomy and well-equipped hall for single combat practice.

Why do hand-to-hand combat and ММА fighters visit our single combat school?

Practical approach to accumulation of the most efficient method and techniques from various types of single combats makes Jeet Kune Do kin with such trends of martial arts as hand-to-hand combat, Mixed Martial Arts ans enriches them with its own philosophy. Therefore, those, who study and practice MMA and hand-to-hand combat often refer to Jeet Kune Do in order to raise their combat potential. Jeet Kune Do classes are very important for sportsmen at the preparation for significant competitions and combats. A sportsman gets maximum effect from such training under the supervision of the experienced trainer.

You will learn how to feel free in our single combat school!

One of the main Jeet Kune Do postulate is "to be like water". It means freedom, which is understood as the ability to adjust to the circumstances of living. The possibility to be free has a direct relation to good shape. And we will teach you how to be in a good shape (i.e. to be free) at all three levels:

  • physical. Good physical shape means control over your own body and the ability to use its reserves correctly. Only those people will survive who can adjust their bodies to current circumstances.

  • psychological (mental). In order to reach harmony and concentrate on the result, it is necessary to turn away from your fears, which take your time and your strength, as well as from anxiety and uncertainty. Liberation from the lack of confidence, fears and prejudices is the basis for your internal freedom.

  • emotional. You can manage your emotional background only when making certain efforts. And it will allow you not only to control yourself, but also to have impact on the behavior of the people around. Emotion management is the basis for self-confidence and an essential tool for correct responding.  

Our single combat school invites you for our group and individual classes. Here you may learn Bruce Lee's philosophy. We will also show you one of the most efficient concepts for the study of martial arts - Jeet Kune Do in its original understanding. Those sportsmen, who have perceived and studied Jeet Kune Do technique, are successful at practically all competitions (after studying specific rules) as well as at ultimate fighting. If it is not for the number and color of your belts (we don't have them at all), not for copyism, but for the possibility to express yourself in the martial arts and to sharpen your spirit, we invite you to our single combat school.

 Here you will learn how to win over the most essential opponents, which are your lack of confidence, fear and prejudice!