Coach School Martial Arts - Kartabaev Bolot Ajazbekovich

An expert in single combat, and the President of Koshiki Karate Federation in Kirghizia (2000), expert of 5Dan Koshiki Karate.

Bolotbek Ayazbekovich Kartabayev began his way in single combat from classes in Greco-Roman wrestling in 1979 and defended  the athletic title of the candidate master. 

From 1979 to 1981, during his study in Kharkov, Bolotbek Kartabayev studied Shotokan Karate at the famous karate expert Solo Anri Marselen from Madagascar. 

From 1971 to 1984 in parallel with karate classes, Bolotbek Kartabayev practiced in Jhoon Rhee taekwondo club with the expert from the Dominican Republic Luis Ovidess Carvajal. During these years this expert raised such well-known taekwondists as S. Safonkin, Sokol brothers, Vitaly Olin, S. Kharitonenko, V. Dubtsov and Leonty Pak.

As a result of study of Bolotbek Kartabayev in two great experts in martial arts, they both gave him Black Belts. So, a young sportsman received 1Dan in Karate Shotokan and 1Dan in Taekwondo.

In 1984 Bolotbek Kartabayev learned on the Jeet Kune Do from the expert Solo Anri Marselen, which ideas and philosophy made a great influence on the young sportsman.

In 1984 Bolotbek Kartabayev began his work in Kharkov, then he moved to Kirghizia and continued to work there.

His trainers work did not prevent from his own growth in the world of martial arts. Bolotbek Kartabayev became a recognize expert in martial arts, he defended 5 Dan in Koshiki Karate. In 2000 Bolotbek Kartabayev was elected for the post of the President of Koshiki Karate Federation in Kirghizia.

During all these years Bolotbek Kartabayev gathered and comprehended (little by little nd with the use of English sources) methodology of Jeet Kune Do, developed by Bruce Lee (Lee Chzhenfan). It was then introduced during the training of sportsmen.

During these years the trainer raised a lot of champions in Russia and Asia. High-level sportsmen and Mixed Martial Arts fighters asked  Bolotbek Kartabayev to prepare them for serious combats, and he always helped them.

After his move to Moscow in 2010 Bolotbek Kartabayev founded his own single combat school, where he continued his teaching career and trained children, as well as sportsmen of various martial arts  and professional ring fighters with the use of Jeet Kune Do technique.

His work on the establishment and maintenance of contacts with the best Jeet Kune Do experts continued. Among such adepts of the single combat technique was an expert from Scotland Tommy Carruthers