Luis Ovidess Carvajal

Luis Ovidess Carvajal (born in 1954). He is one of taekwondo pioneers in the USSR.

Luis Ovidess was born in 1954 in Santo-Domingo, the Dominican Republic In the year of 1975 he moved to the USSR (Voronezh). Then he lived in Kharkov. He founded a Taekwondo club in Kharkov university in 1977.

Luis Ovidess taught taekwondo by Jhoon Rhee's technique until he returned back home in 1981. Among his students there are S. Safonkin, Sokol brothers, Vitaly Olin, S. Kharitonenko, V. Dubtsov, Leonty Pak, Bolotbek Kartabayev and other well known martial artists.